Athletissima is resolutely committed to sustainability, acting on social, economic and environmental levels. Through its various activities to raise awareness of sport, the event promotes social sustainability. By favouring local service providers and suppliers, it also contributes to the economic sustainability of the region. Concrete initiatives, such as the promotion of soft mobility, demonstrate Athletissima’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Sustainability is a fundamental pillar that we take to heart.

Sustainable development is one of the pillars of the Athletissima organisation. In 2011, Athletissima carried out its first carbon audit and developed its sustainable development strategy. This strategy has been updated for the period 2020-2030 in order to meet the objectives set by World Athletics.

Athletissima is anchoring its strategy around the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic. Our organisation continues to strengthen its activities for young people, including the creation of the Track Festival in 2023, to reinforce its social commitments and to work ever more locally and sustainably for the Meeting of tomorrow.