Excellence is our ambition. We want to meet the high expectations of our partners, the public, volunteers and staff, with the goal of further strengthening our national and international reputation.

We want to ensure the longevity of our event, meet the expectations of our partners, staff members and public while delivering the event.


A High Standard Professional Approach


With the Diamond League label, the series that includes the 14 best meetings in the world, we want to meet the requirements of the Diamond League and World Athletics. This means offering the best level of service possible to our athletes while taking into account the guidelines, proposals and opportunities specific to this series, our partners and our public, and while staying focused on our sport, athletics.

Risk management

We develop a safety and risk management policy for our athletes, the public, staff, partners, and service providers in order to mitigate any risk or accident and respect the norms of the governing bodies. We also pay attention to working conditions. Health and hygiene at work are a priority for us.


A long-lasting impact


Our commitment for sustainable development enables us to protect the natural heritage and guarantee a quality of life for the future while respecting the current environmental legislation.


We are an association that want to offer our staff members a favourable work environment, and opportunities to develop their professional and personal skills at work.

We also want to promote socialising and well-being through sport by being a stakeholder promoting sport and physical activity, from grassroots to the elite level.


Our stringent financial management enables us to mitigate economic risks and guarantees our development in the future as well as the longevity of our event. This strict financial management includes using appropriate tools to meet the set requirements.