ATTENTION: Don’t give in to the black market! Athletissima tickets are only available from Ticketcorner sales outlets.
We would like to inform our customers that websites such as Viagogo, all-tickets, etc. are in no way approved by the organisers of the Meeting.



All categories, from CHF 25.- to CHF 130.- per seat

Public transport included with admission tickets

Parking included with admission tickets

Free children’s tickets

Free tickets for children up to the age of 14 in the Casernes and Vélodrome turns

Offer limited to the first 600 tickets ordered (first come, first served)

Unaccompanied children: registration via the form below (click on the Order now button)

Children accompanied by their parents: book via Ticketcorner (click on the Buy now button in the Tickets column)

UBS Athletics Family Package

Special offer for all families, from one adult and one child, up to two adults and four children Price per one adult: 30 CHF Price per one kid: 10 CHF
Included per person: one ticket, one sandwich or sausage, one drink
Seats in the Casernes and Vélodrome turns, depending on availability

Frequently asked questions

Table of prize categories for Athletissima 2024 at the Pontaise Olympic Stadium in Lausanne

Yes, children must have a ticket to enter the stands, as they must be seated.

The first 600 children under the age of 14 will be entitled to free admission in categories 7 (Casernes bend) and 8 (Vélodrome bend). However, they must have a ticket. If they are not accompanied by a parent, they must place their order through the form above.

Parents wishing to accompany their children pay the normal ticket price of CHF 25. Tickets can be ordered at www.ticketcorner.ch.

Once this offer is sold out, children’s tickets will cost CHF 5.

Yes, the cost of parking at the INOVIL RIPONNE car park is included in the price of your ticket from 4pm to 2am. Before returning to your vehicle, simply go to the car park ticket office, scan your parking ticket and then scan the QR Code on your Meeting ticket.

Yes, your Meeting ticket is valid as a 2nd class ticket on the day of the event in Mobilis zones 11, 12, 16, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 50 (2)(CJ)(V). Zones map on www.mobilis-vaud.ch. This service is offered by Mobilis and Athletissima.

If you leave the Parking de la Riponne at the Riponne-M.Béjart bus stop, bus no. 1 (direction Blécherette) will take you free of charge to the Pontaise Olympic Stadium (Stade Olympique stop). Alternatively, you can take the special Athletissima shuttle bus (see signs).

Other bus routes:

→ Route no. 20: Stade Olympique stop
→ Route no. 21: Beau-Site stop

Map of TL bus routes


  • 4.30pm : Opening of the Partners’ Village
  • 6.00pm : Preliminary events
  • 7.30pm : Presentation of the Stars
  • 7.45pm : Start of the international meeting
  • 10.00pm : Winners’ ceremony followed by the final show

→ Online: here
→ In a shop: Points de vente Ticketcorner

With the exception of category 3 (blocks X and Y), category 5 (blocks U and V) and categories 6, 7 and 8, all seats are covered.

There is no minimum age. However, all spectators must be seated in the stadium during the Meeting and sometimes the competition requires absolute silence, for example at the start of the races.

No, tickets are not nominative.

Yes, you can choose your seat on the Ticketcorner website, except for categories 7 and 8 which are not numbered.

Yes !

Take advantage of the UBS ATHLETICS FAMILY PACKAGE, for all families from 1 adult and 1 child up to 2 adults and 4 children! This offer includes your entrance ticket and a voucher for a sausage or cheese sandwich and a drink. CHF 30 per adult and CHF 10 per child, thanks to the support of UBS.

This offer is valid only in categories 7 (Casernes corner) and 8 (Vélodrome corner), seated and unnumbered seats, subject to availability. Snacks can be collected from the UBS ATHLETICS FAMILY PACKAGE stand in the Partners’ Village. Stand open from 5pm to 8pm.

Please note that the dood and drink vouchers will be sent to you by separate post by Athletissima.

here is a special area for people with reduced mobility.

Please note: they will need an entry ticket – free of charge – which they can order from the organisers on 021 881 54 05 or by email: billetterie@athletissima.ch, from 8am to 12pm only.

Accompanying persons must also order their ticket in order to be seated right behind.

Purchases on www.ticketcorner.ch according to their conditions

Purchases via the Athletissima office: CHF 6 per order for Switzerland and between €6 and €10 per order for other countries, depending on the number of tickets.

A duplicate can be requested from the place where the ticket was purchased

→ Ticketcorner: directly to customer service 0900 800 800

→ Athletissima: by e-mail at billetterie@athletissima.ch



Please contact us directly by e-mail at billetterie@athletissima.ch or by telephone on 021 881 54 05, mornings only from 8am to 12pm.

If there are still places available, they can be purchased at the stadium entrance.

Tickets will be refunded, subject to a CHF 5 handling fee.