Our events

Athletissima is more than just an athletics meeting. We have a strong presence throughout the year, particularly in the week leading up to the meeting. Our primary commitment is to use our wealth of experience to promote athletics at all levels. Athletissima plays a key role in training the next generation of athletes in the region and provides memorable experiences for the general public, as well as providing an activation platform for our partners.

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Our events

Athletissima City Event 2022, Mondo Duplantis

The City Event, a must-attend event before Athletissima, transforms Lausanne into an urban athletics event. This pre-meeting competition brings the excitement of athletics to the streets, bringing athletes and spectators together for an immersive sporting experience in the heart of the city.


Over the course of a week, the Track Festival transforms Lausanne into an introduction to athletics, promoting sport for health and sport for all. Free and open to all, it includes the Kids Training, Meet the Stars and the Mini-Stars Relay, offering a unique experience for young people.